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Marble Heritage Celebration is September 24

PROCTOR, Vermont, September 12, 2011 – Thousands of men worked for the Vermont Marble Company during the company’s storied past. Now, more of those men are to be honored on Proctor’s Cultural Heritage Wall, in a celebration on Saturday, September 24 at the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor.

 For the third time in two years, Dimensions of Marble, the non-profit organization sponsoring the Cultural Heritage Walls, will unveil a number of names carved into the Wall’s marble surface in Proctor. This project has proven to be an enduring and popular way for local families to commemorate their family members who added so much to the region’s ethnic make-up and prosperous economy during the boom years of the Vermont Marble Company. A separate ceremony for the new, West Rutland Cultural Heritage Wall will be held later this year at the Carving Studio.

 The Marble Heritage Celebration on September 24 will also feature the premier viewing of “The Vermont Marble Trail – Yesterday and Today”. This documentary film, produced by Emmy-award winning Vermont filmmaker Caro Thompson, traces the rise of the Vermont Marble Company through interviews of local people who worked for the company during their lifetimes. Dimensions of Marble is proud to present this film to the Rutland region as a tribute to the extraordinary history of the Vermont marble industry. The public is invited to share in this celebration of our region’s culture at 2 pm on Saturday, September 24 at the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor. For more information and directions to the event, call the Museum at 459-2220 or (800) 427-1396. 

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