Marble in vermont

Cultural Heritage DVD

A ten to twelve minute DVD, Hitting the Marble Trail will inform viewers of the vast and varied impact marble has had on Vermont. Highlights are:

•    A taste of marble’s extraordinary history as a building block and economic engine.
•    Insights into how marble is sculpted and carved
•    An appreciation of the region’s cultural diversity created by the immigrants who came to work in the quarries and mills
•    A sampling of our annual cultural heritage events
•    An understanding of related industries, such as the railroads
•    The appreciation that calcium carbonate effects the daily lives of everyone in the world

Although West Rutland’s Carving Studio & Sculpture Center and Proctor’s Marble Museum help tell the story, the primary purpose goes far beyond these two institutions.  After seeing the video, people will be inspired to visit towns and villages, old quarries and hiking trails all along the Marble Trail, enjoying marble buildings, monuments and infrastructure they may never have noticed before.  The DVD will provide for a broad application and understanding of this great and versatile stone.

This DVD will be a valuable tool for local organizations, businesses and educational institutions to enhance interest in Vermont marble regionally.

The Producer

Caro Thompson is the creator of Welcome to the Heart of New England, a project of the Connecticut River Scenic Byway and seen in Visitors’ Centers on the river.  She is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker for In Days Gone By and Barns: Legacy of Wood & Stone.  Her depth of knowledge about Vermont history has been acknowledged by her acceptance into the Center for Research on Vermont.  Caro is also a trustee of the Vermont Arts Council.